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Dear reader,
This testimonial is dedicated to an extraordinary collegue and friend. She helped me grow so much as a HR professional and as a person. She is a true source of inspiration. In 2015 I started looking for a change in careers, asking myself what do I really want to do? How to recognise what is truly my thing, how does an exiting working day look like to me? I met Katrien for the first time during a presentation of hers. She was as a consultant for the business I was working for. She invited her audience to speak up openly and that was the start of me being part of a great adventure. After the presentation, we gathered together and had a short but beautiful first encounter. Each time we met, she made me feel more at ease. She gave me confidence and trust. I started believing in myself, believing I could do things I dreamt of even if I had never done them before. I finally started in HR as a generalist . Being a very structured person, always needing to be prepared, Katrien managed to make me believe that everything would fall into places and that I could do the work that needed to be done. Her coachings and support along the way offered me so many possibilities, she always worked starting from how I feel/look at things. Not imposing her ways of handling stuff. She did an incredible job of creating an energetic and creative atmophere, delicately guiding me in making decisions while still keeping the sense of a vast breathing space. I was always able to count on her support, always in an elegant, light, direct and positive way to help me walk through the ‘experience’. Collegues were also receptive to her coachings: a new wind permeated the business. Working became more colourful, the working environment became enhanced because of the teamwork, directly and indirectly inspired and directed by Katrien. Katrien has a ‘savoir faire’ like no one else. She is also the perfect guest woman! At meetings, Katrien is not too shabby to serve her people drinks and food. She is simply radiant, serving everyone with so much love. The changes that she is making in the meanwhile feel like an natural, organic process. Talking with collegues about the changes that took place over the last year, the word clearer kept coming back… Clearer communicating together, clearer analysing and seeing the challenges to tackle, clearer and more deeply understanding the true nature of the entrepreneur vision of the business.
Thank you Katrien, you are a rock and you rock! D. Vanderhaeghen HR manager KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg

It was an absolute pleasure working together with Katrien. Katrien combines in a perfect way her hands-on operational HR approach with her excellent soft HR skills. When Katrien walks in a room the positive vibe is present at once. An absolute honor to have worked with this queen of HR. Robin Van Oudenhove. Commercial Manager at VD Invest.

Katrien is een absolute verademing in de HR-wereld. Met haar samenwerken betekent genieten van expertise gekoppeld aan de juiste visie. Keer op keer zijn we verwonderd van hoe Katrien de snelle veranderingen in HR, employer branding en employee experience omzet in sterke en geoptimaliseerde strategieën. Daarbovenop zijn haar attitude en mindset, haar sterke communicatie-skills,haar can-do attitude, de mix tussen empathie en realiteit en haar big smile een ongelooflijke bonus en verrijking als je met haar aan de slag gaat! Johan Driessens. C.E.O. (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) and founder of Branded.Careers & Djobby.

There are many consultants with the right methodology and plenty of expertise out there. But often, something is missing: the passion for the trade, the appreciation of people and teams. That’s what makes Katrien different. Bringing out the best in people and teams, support them in their growth and development is what makes her tick. It’s her life, her passion, her mission. Her extensive expertise and experience is the added bonus. When you work with Katrien, you immediate feel her added value. And the results invariably follow. L. Barbé

I’ve known Katrien for many years. She combines professionalism with the highest integrity. She listens to all stakeholders, analyzes and gives actionable feedback. She inspires trust because she is intelligent and human in her approach. K. Casteels

Katrien succeeds in getting the best out of people: as a colleague, as a coach, as an HR advisor. Thanks to her listening ear and sharp eyes, she anticipates critical situations and challenges. Above all, Katrien excels in detecting opportunities, in getting the unexpected done. The results are first-rate. It was an inspriation and a pleasure to work with her. H. Van Pelt

I’ve been lucky to have worked with Katrien for five years. She became a close friend and knew how to motivate me on bad days and gave me confidence when I needed it. She has shown me my weaknesses, so I could work on them, but even more so, she accentuated my strengths. That’s how she always gets the best out of people. People knowledge is inextrincably linked to HRM. It is a mixture of listening and rational thinking and Katrien masters both to perfection. This makes her an added value to any organisation that wants to work on the development of its personnel. T. Beernaert

I have known Katrien for many years. She worked in different industries and built an interesting blend of experiences. I trust her completely when we talk about HR strategy, recruitment, coaching and training. She communicates easily in three languages and can adapt to all levels. She is extravert and gifted fro developing and giving trainings. Katrien is an excellent coach with strong listening skills and a high emotional intelligence level. Y. Storez

She awakens and sharpens all your senses. Katrien helps me to see, to taste, to listen and she gets me out of my comfort zone. She is my ally and partner in the change project of our organisation. She supports me, makes me think, helps me to discover other ways of being a director and how I can solve problems in a respectful, human and goals-oriented way. All thanks to Katrien’s drive and coaching skills. An inspiration! E. Janssens