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The story behind Trinity

It must have been the summer of 2012. The time had come to make some changes. I wanted to become a freelancer, and share my experience with others. The 2014 elections were coming closer. I needed to prepare in case Bruno De Lille would no longer be part of the Brussels government, which would mean I would be out of a job.

Together with Karen, my friend and colleague, we were talking about the idea. One of the things we were discussing, was the name of the new company. The long list was, well, very long and quite funny, and quite surreal, since we were talking about something that didn’t even exist. Then, all of a sudden, the name Trinity sprang to Karen’s mind. We immediately thought about the holy Trinity and the possibility of using the number three in the kind of services I would offer. Karen immediately thought of the marketing possibilities of the name. For her, it was clear what I was going to do. Not for me: I needed to think things over but came to the same conclusion: the way ahead was to become a freelancer and getting out there as a consultant.

The fact that some of my colleagues back then called me Trinne was a lucky coincidence because there was also a link with my name.

So, there you go, that’s the story behind Trinity. Not an ode to some Flemish boys band, a triathlon club in the Netherlands, or some nice little town in the California. Just a nice name and the beginning of a beautiful story.