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Competence management


Organizations that start with competence management often want to improve the focus of their investment in the future of the organization and in the development of its employees. Competence management seeks to find a balance between the development of people and their competences and the management of these competences in light of the organization’s objectives.


The win-win of competence management

Competence management provides employees with a learning environment in which they can continually increase and reinforce their competences. By giving its employees the opportunity to develop their know-how, skills and attitude, the organization can count on employees that are more motivated and that have a broader set of skills.

The employee can develop himself throughout his career and within the organization, beyond a mere vertical career path in the hierarchy. They get more appreciation for their efforts and performance in their work.

The organization can count on its employees in realizing its vision and objectives. By strengthening the right competences, employees perform their tasks more efficiently and contribute more to the strategic management of the organization.

What is my approach?

An efficient competence management of both individuals and teams consists in a five-step process:

competence management