Hr Solutions


A coach is a sparring partner. I give personal training, based on an equal one-on-one relationship. As a coach, I give support and feedback to a person or a group, in order to achieve a predefined goal.

The goals of a coaching project are defined together with the coachee(s) and sometimes his/her N+1. The objective is to increase the personal effectiveness. It aims to improve the performance at work and usually focuses on specific skills, as opposed to merely offering a solution to a specific problem.

I focus on change and action. I aim to bring out the best in people by enabling them to understand their responses to certain tasks or behaviours and how this impacts their performance. It is not about giving the right answers. It is about asking the right questions. It is also about getting perspective and solving problems one step at a time. I support my coachee through the process in order to put the new insights into practice.



I offer a number of tailor-made trainings on team management, time management, organization skills, and other HR-related skills.

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